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This year the first stage of All-Ukrainian student Olympiad in programming has traditionally become the first step to the world championship. In general, about 730 teams competed in Ukraine.

On the basis of VNTU 65 teams took part in the competition. Vinnytsia National Technical University took the 1st place in Ukraine according to the number of teams on the site. And our alma mater also became the first in Ukraine in this category having presented 50 teams in the competition.


Photos from the Olympiad you can see in the Photogallery of VNTU (http://photo.vntu.edu.ua/album/57 ) and in Facebook  (https://www.facebook.com/events/820303584747877/?active_tab=posts )


The participants of the competition were offered 14 tasks of different difficulty levels that gave the opportunity to classic, technical, pedagogical, environmental and economical universities to compete in “their weight category”.


Winners of the Olympiad in Vinnytsia region (among technical universities):


1st place ─ the team VNTU_TreeS ─ students Evhen Shcherbina, Yurii Shmerchuk and Oleksandr Spazhev (coach – Mykhailo Hranik). It is interesting that among technical universities this team was the best in Ukraine.


2nd place was won by two teams ─ the team of Vinnytsia National Technical University VNTU_Destructor ─ students Bohdan Stakhov, Petro Havryliuk, Oleh Yavorovych (coach – Mykhailo Hranik) and the team of Donetsk National University DonNU_Hollywood ─ students Maksym Fedin, Denys Samoilenko, Artem Stoliarov (coach – Anton Paramonov).


3rd place was won by three teams ─ two teams of Vinnytsia National Technical University ─  the team VNTU_RED ─ students Serhii Mazurok, Serhii Charikov, Mykhailo  Kovbasiuk (coach – Viktoriia Voitko) and the team VNTU_[figTree] ─ students Oleksii Kavka, Andrii Andrieiev, Mykhailo Nikolskyi (coach – Viktoriia Voitko) as well as the team of Donetsk National University DonNU_Phoenix ─ students Konstiantyn Isaienkov, Denys Usov, Maksym Domanych (coach Anton Paramonov).


Among schools of Vinnytsia region:


1st place ─ the team from Physical and Mathematical Gymnasium №17 VFMG17_VinCats.


Five best teams of VNTU, three best teams from Donetsk National University and also one best team from each of Vinnytsia State Pedagogical University named after Mykhailo Kotsiubynskyi, Vinnytsia Institute of Trade and Economics of Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics and Vinnytsia College of the National University of Food Technologies will take part in the second stage of the Olympiad (1/4 of the World Championship in programming), which will be held this fall in Ternopil National Technical University named after Ivan Puliui.