Прес-центр ВНТУ 18.08.2019, 00:17

A graduate of VNTU Oleksandr Butkaliuk as a member of the Ukrainian team MarsHopper has become the winner of the largest hackathon from NASA – SpaceApps Challenge


The project had passed the selection in the local Ukrainian hackathon having won in two categories before it won in the world competition. Then it was selected among 128 teams from different countries and got to the top five finalists, where it has already been voted by users from around the world.


“Mars Hopper uses a resource of another planet for its own needs and somehow comes close to a living creature,” says engineer Oleksandr Butkaliuk.


Mars Hopper is a prototype of an unmanned automated aircraft that is powered with dry ice the so-called frozen carbon dioxide, which generously covers the poles of Mars in winter.


The only guaranteed result of the victory in the competition is that the authors of the development were invited to the John F. Kennedy Space Center in the United States, where they will be able to see the next space launch.


NASA does not guarantee that the project-the winner must be implemented.


The State Space Agency of Ukraine has already stated about its interest in the project.


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