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Vitalii Ohorodnikov, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Head of a department of Vinnytsia National Technical University, has been awarded with the title “Honored Worker of Science and Technology” by the Decree of the President of Ukraine this year.


On May 29, Vitalii Ohorodnikov celebrates his 75-year anniversary.


Professor Ohorodnikov made the criterion that determines the resource of metal plasticity.


All material things are not infinite. Vinnytsia scientist is able to reliably predict which deformations metals can withstand, and which deformations destroy them. It can be calculated with high accuracy by the formula which has derived Vitalii Ohorodnikov.


The created theory can be applied to humans. The value of the exhausting resource of health both physical and mental is logically calculated by this formula and displayed on the Cartesian coordinate system.


Vitalii Ohorodnikov defended his doctoral thesis when he was 39.


“I define the speed of the car before the collision due to the damages,” says Vitalii Ohorodnikov.


Having learnt about the scientific developments by Ohorodnikov, Chinese forensic experts of Shanghai Jiao Tong Institute (city Jinan) arrived to Vinnytsia to meet with Ukrainian scientist. They have immediately signed an agreement on implementation of the joint Ukrainian-Chinese project to determine the speed of the vehicle at the time of the collision due to the damages.


At the invitation of the Chinese colleagues Vitalii Ohorodnikov traveled to China, where he presented his scientific developments to the local experts and lectured the Chinese students.


Now Professor Ohorodnikov is a judicial expert on the circumstances of an accident. He conducted more than 150 autotechnical examinations.


Vitalii Ohorodnikov created a Scientific School on the problems of metal deformations when processing by pressure. He has published more than 300 scientific papers. He has trained 17 candidates of Sciences and 3 doctors of Sciences. The students of his scientific school successfully work in Canada, the United States, China, Vietnam, Laos, Nepal, and, of course, in many cities of Ukraine.


“I do not give any precepts to anyone. I just live in such a way. The purpose of my life is my students, family, work. Money in any case should not be the goal. One should be afraid of its great amount. One should have it enough, but not in abundance. Money has a terrible, evil, destructive force, so it must be treated with caution. I havegot the book “Energy. Deformation. Destruction”. As for the relationship of money and people one can very often say, “Money. Deformation. Destruction”.




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