Прес-центр ВНТУ 18.08.2019, 00:19


More than a thousand freshmen of Vinnytsia National Technical University had a fateful event in their life. The famous Ukrainian University solemnly accepted them as its students


Volodymyr Hrabko, Rector of VNTU, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor started the celebrations:


"Since now you, freshmen, will bring new wins of national and international level to our University. Now more than ever, our nation needs highly intellectual staff. Our University has the potential to educate you accordingly these needs. This year we begin to train specialists who will design shooting arms. This is a required profession for strengthening the defense of our country."


The leaders of Vinnytsia region — Valerii Korovii, the Head of Vinnytsia Regional State Administration, Ihor Ivasiuk, the Deputy Head of Vinnytsia Regional State Administration, Director of the Department of Education and Science of Vinnytsia Regional State Administration and Liudmyla Shcherbakivska, the first Deputy of the Head of Vinnytsia Regional Council came to greet freshmen.


"I want to thank the staff of VNTU for the hard work. Today we are witnessing the emergence of new relations between business and science. VNTU in this case is very significant because recently it has established such cooperation in different specialties," said Valerii Korovii.


A graduate of the University and now the Director of the Institute of Magistracy, Postgraduate and Doctoral studies, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Oleksandr Hrushko said that now Ukraine urgently needs highly qualified specialists. And you will certainly become such specialists!" He also assured that the staff will make the maximum effort for this goal.


Professor Hrabko handed the freshmen a symbolic key to the Treasury of knowledge and a student ticket of the State standard.


Then 700-year student anthem "Let's have fun!" sounded and students solemnly swore to Vinnytsia National Technical University.