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On September 28, a memorial plaque to Yurii Babko, a former student, the hero of the ATO, was open on the building of the Faculty of Machine Building and Transport of Vinnytsia National Technical University


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This is already the second memorial plaque opened at VNTU to the student who died in the ATO. Volodymyr Mukha, a twenty-year-old student of the third year of study of the Faculty of Power Engineering and Electromechanics was immortalized in a granite plaque on the Faculty building. The “Aidar” soldier was killed by a sniper bullet.


“For our University it’s more typically to hold entertainment or intellectual competitions. But we have already opened a memorial plaque to a student who died defending his homeland for the second time” — addressed the participants of the sorrowful action Volodymyr Hrabko, Rector of VNTU, PhD, Professor.


“Hearts ache with pain. We should not bury our children and open memorial plaques to them. We share the pain of their families but it is not getting easier. The young men who died for Ukraine now protect us from Heaven,” said the Deputy Director of the Institute of Magistracy, Post-Graduate and Doctor degree of VNTU, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Svitlana Bevz.


Now the Volunteer Center of VNTU that actively helps our defenders began raising funds for the construction of a monument to the students of VNTU who gave their lives for Ukraine.


The director of the Volunteer Center of VNTU, Associate Professor Svitlana Bevz who fought as an anti-aircraft commander of a zenith calculation in the battalion “Aidar” told that they have already had materials for the manufacture of the monument and have even designed some sketches.


Three student of VNTU died in the ATO — Yurii Babko, Volodymyr Mukha and Roman Melnychuk.


Roman Melnychuk, a volunteer of the battalion “Donbas” was killed during the stripping of the village Lohvinove of Donetsk region. Soldiers allowing the others to depart left to defend their mates.


The memorial plaque to Yurii Babko was open on his birthday. He would be 28 years old.


September 28 in Vinnytsia was declared as a Day of mourning. State flags of Ukraine with mourning ribbons were lowered throughout the city. On that day Vinnytsia buried 25-year-old Illia Zhabitskyi who was killed on September 23 in the ATO.


Photo gallery of the Grand opening of the memorial plague to Yurii Babko, a graduate of VNTU