Прес-центр ВНТУ 18.08.2019, 00:20


The cultural, artistic and educational center of VNTU has opened an exhibition of student works in computer graphics “Infinity of creative space”


The exhibition has presented student works of the Studio of computer graphics of Vinnytsia National Technical University. There are works in raster and vector graphics, graphic collages and 3D-graphics.


The Studio of computer graphics was opened in 2009. Since then the studio received over 2000 (!!!) victories at international competitions and Olympiads. Students, the winners of international competitions, Anton Yashchuk, Dmytro Shchelkanov, Oleh Dosuzhii, Vadym Varlamov, Vladyslav Bilyk, Dmytro Hedz, Vladyslav Hroniuk, Viktor Frolov, and Serhii Koval(Faculty of Information Technology and Computer Engineering) teach classes on the courses.


The work of the Studio is aimed at the development of talented youth of Vinnytsia region. In addition, the Studio has an important social mission. Our graduates, among them there are children from large families, the disabled and orphans have got the opportunity to find a good job. Viacheslav Malovanyi (about a dozen of his paintings are presented at the exhibition) is from a large family, now he works in a Portuguese company in the field of 3D graphics. Today his younger brother Oleksandr Malovanyi trains in the Studio. Viktor Fidria (an orphan) works on television, where he creates 3D objects and videos. Pavlo Kostiuk (an orphan) works at a computer firm.


Our University is proud of big victories of the Studio. In particular, Kseniia Morhunova (Faculty of Management) won the 1st place in the world competition in computer graphics under the auspices of CorelDRAW. Her work is placed on the labels of the products of the company. The work “Dream” by Anton Yashchuk is on T-shirts in Kazakhstan. Students Vadym Chornyi, Anton Yashchuk, Dmytro Shchelkanov, Vladyslav Bilyk, Oleksandra Orlivska, Oleh Dosuzhii, Veronika Ostrovska, Dmytro Bondarets, Vladyslav Kokushkìn, Kostiantyn Snopov (Faculty of Information Technology and Computer Engineering) received medals at the international competition in computer graphics in Bulgaria, their works are on billboards in the city of Haskovo (Bulgaria).


Today Vinnytsia is called the capital of computer graphics thanks to the victories of the students of VNTU.