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On November 30, President and co-owner of the UBC Group Ihor Humennyi met with students of Vinnytsia National Technical University. Head of Vinnytsia Regional State Administration Valerii Korovii represented the entrepreneur

The first enterprise that will be built in Vinnytsia industrial park will be a plant for the production of refrigeration equipment of the company UBC Group.


The building itself will be built in Sweden, and will be assembled like LEGO in Ukraine. But to build the premises is the easiest part of the project.


The hardest part is to train the staff.


That is why Ihor Humennyi himself attracts the engineering staff and hopes to involve graduates of Vinnytsia National Technical University.


“We need engineers, technologists, and if you have a desire to work in our company, we welcome you. You can send your resumes to our site,” said the head of the UBC Group occasionally remarking that knowledge of English is a must.


The site of the UBC group  www.beer-co.com

Mr. Humennyi gave an emotional and motivating lecture about how the technological world is fast changing.