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In 1970-1975, I studied at Vinnytsia Polytechnic Institute at the Faculty of Automation and Computer Engineering at the Department of Microelectronics in specialty “Electronic Devices”.

In those days, the main sources of knowledge for us were lectures, lecture notes and tutorials, laboratory and practical classes, and the main place of independent study was a library.


Being a student and after graduation I travelled walking with a backpack and tent, riding a bike, floating by kayak along roads and rivers of Vinnytsia, Transcarpathia, Crimea.


I spent my student years in the society of double standards and stereotype imposing when individual point of view and thinking were rather the exception.


All students knew that after graduation they would be provided with a work with approximately the same salary regardless of the level of their knowledge or individual opportunities.


After graduation I worked according to the distribution at Nizhyn machine building plant. After a while, I served in the army one year and a half in Smolensk and Ivanovo regions. For very little time I worked at the radio tube plant and then several years in the project bureau “Nature” in Vinnytsia.


Almost after ten years of practical engineering, being frustrated by the work performed I turned to the native Polytechnic Institute with the firm intention to do scientific work, to prepare and defend my thesis, and to teach.


I am deeply grateful to the Head of the Department of Microelectronics, Professor Volodymyr Osadchuk for his carefully listening to me at our first meeting, believing in me, hiring, and later being my supervisor.


But the country was in full swing alteration. Ordinary active citizens were looking for different ways to survive. I decided to go to America to work for about a year.


I have been living in New York since 1996.


In the USA, you need to acquire new technologies constantly because companies are very sensitive to everything new that can improve productivity and profits. Competition in the labor market and the requirements to programmers are very high.


I am always with a great gratitude remember Ivan V. Kuzmin, Volodymyr S. Osadchuk, Oleksii P. Stakhov, Anatolii O. Novikov, Mykola A. Filiniuk, Vasyl M. Kichak, Pavlo A. Molchanov, Mykhailo A. Stаrоvоitоv, Oleksandr F. Serhiienko, Hennadii O. Denzanov, Ihor D. Prokopov, Hennadii H. Bortnyk, Viktor I. Revenko, Anatolii Mehalatii.


With best regards,


New York