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The II International scientific and technical conference “Hydro-pneumatic drives and machines are modern achievements and applications” and the workshop “Implementation of advanced technologies at the enterprises of Vinnytsia region”, which presented the equipment and technology of the firms “Siemens” and “Festo”, was held in VNTU

Dean of the Faculty of Machine Building and Transport, Professor Yurii Buriennikov mentioned that the organic relationship of the educational process, real production and scientific research is the basis for effective teaching at the University.


The reports of the Head of the didactics of the SE “Festo” E. Ryzhenko and the Head of the Department of DF&PD of the SE “Siemens” O. Melnyk were also presented at the workshop.


Conference Coordinator, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Leonid Kozlov noted that the conference was attended by 234 participants including 20 Doctors of Sciences, 57 Candidates of Sciences, 9 foreign specialists who have a scientific degree of Doctor of Philosophy from Poland, Slovakia and Romania, 68 young scientists. Fifty students including foreign students from Poland, Moldova, Ecuador and Cameroon also published their papers. In total, there were presented and discussed 88 reports; a collection of the conference proceedings was published.


The seminar was attended by the representatives of a number of industrial enterprises of the Central region, which are interested in using modern developments in the field of hydraulics and pneumatics. Among them there are such companies as “Nemiroff”, “Ìnnovinprom”, “Elite”, Vinnytsia energy company, Vinnytsia water channel company, Vinnytsia Aggregate plant, “Tehkor”, “Plazmatech”, “Maiak”, “Siemens-Ukraine”, “Festo”, “Borex”, the experimental mechanical plant №45, “ Fort “.



Dean of the Faculty of Machine Building and Transport of VNTU, Professor

Leonid Kozlov,

Head of the Department of Machine Building Technology and Automation of VNTU, Professor

Photo Gallery “Implementation of advanced technologies at the enterprises of Vinnytsia region”