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This year as well as in 2016 Ihor Vasylenko, a third-year student of the Faculty of Machine Building and Transport of VNTU, has joined the national team of Ukraine in trap shooting and has become a candidate to the Olympic team of our country



Ihor Vasylenko, a multiple champion of Ukraine, began to train just four years ago.


Ihor has gone to the first competition of the Cup of Ukraine in six months since he took a gun in his hands. Then he was almost the last. And he expressed a claim to himself, “Why am I not the first?”


To shoot aptly Ihor is now going in for running and swimming three times a week. And three times a day ─ shooting.


Now Ihor is engaged in the Olympic training center. His coach is Vitalii Hrybovskyi, an honored coach of Ukraine.


“He is a brilliant trainer! I am very grateful to him. We have ahead a lot of victories!” Ihor is reasonably confident.


Lviv Sports School of the Association “Kolos” (Director ─ Liliia Bilinska) financially supports the talented young sportman.


This year is the last year for Ihor among juniors. Thereafter, the main goal is Tokyo Olympiad 2020.


Ihor Vasylenko studies to be an engineer not by chance, not only for the sake of diploma.


Ihor Vasylenko even has a patent on the invention. This is a seed string, which helps to plant seeds in the ground comfortably, fast and with high quality.


20-year-old Ihor has already 4 gold medals of Ukraine, 5 silver and 6 bronze medals. He is a silver medalist of Belarus Open Cup in 2015.


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