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Seventy attenders of Vinnytsia Startup School “Sikorsky Challenge”, which pass the test, began training at Vinnytsia National Technical University under the tutelage of international expert in the field of IT-business and business coach Ihor Peer (Israel)


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Startup School “Sikorsky Challenge” in VNTU is the second one. It is planned to create a network of such schools in Ukraine.


The author of the idea of creating a startup school in Vinnytsia, Head of the Department of Automation and Information-Measuring Engineering of VNTU, Honored Scientist of Ukraine, Corresponding Member of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Roman Kvietnyi:


“I was not sure we would be able to implement this idea even when the opening ceremony had already been held in VNTU. I was not sure we would be able to attract such a brilliant coach like Ihor Peer. Nobody in the world can teach organization and promotion of startups so well but Ihor Peer. He creates startups directly during the education process.”


To become an attender of Startup School “Sikorsky Challenge” can not only VNTU students but also anyone who has a value idea and seeks to turn it into a successful business.


Rector of VNTU, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Volodymyr Hrabko:


“Two months has passed since the Grand opening of a startup school in Vinnytsia and now we have already begun training. I wish your ideas, which helped you pass the test to a startup school, found their businessman who financially supported them. And I want you not to forget VNTU and financially support a new talented generation when your ideas  make you very rich people!”


Classes at Startup School will continue until June. After learning completion “students” will be able to participate in the project competition, the winners of which will receive funding for the development oftheir projects.


Ihor Peer is convinced that in June the attenders of Vinnytsia Startup School “Sikorsky Challenge” will prove that they effectively spent 5 months of training and will show valuable products.



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