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“Live. Love. Learn. Sing” — this is a credo of the 18-year-old beauty that helps her win in life and on stage.

Information portal “My Vinnytsia”

Spring at Vinnytsia National Technical University usually started with the contest “Miss VNTU”.

The winner has been Olena Polieshko, an 18-year-old student of the Faculty of Information Technology and Computer Engineering, beautiful and intelligent (such a combination often happens at VNTU).

It goes without saying, true and sincere support of the whole group, the monitor of which is Olena, contributed to the victory of the young beauty.

And not only Olena’s groupmates but also a lot of the citizens (most did !!!) gave their votes and preferences to Olena during the online voting. Therefore, the titles “Miss People's Choice VNTU 2017” and “Miss Internet VNTU 2017” belong to Olena, too.

The talented girl is used to victories. Recently Olena has won the second place at the VI all-Ukrainian Festival “Step towards the Dream”.


Each of the 9 participats deserved to win! It is according to Strugatsky “HAPPINESS FOR ALL! AND LET NO ONE LEAVE OFFENDED!”


“Vice-Miss VNTU 2017” - Oleksandra Melnychuk (Faculty of Computer Systems and Automation)

“Vice-Miss VNTU 2017” - Yuliia Bilichenko (Institute for Environmental Security and Environmental Monitoring)

“Miss Friendliness VNTU 2017” - Anna Tashkevych (Faculty of Power Engineering and Electromechanics)

“Miss Tenderness VNTU 2017” - Valeriia Volodkin (Faculty of Management and Information Security)

“Miss Grace VNTU 2017” - Kseniia Pysarenko (Faculty of Management and Information Security)

“Miss Artistry VNTU 2017” - Yuliia Nazarenko (Faculty of Infocommunications, Radioelectronics and Nanosystems)

“Miss Charm VNTU 2017” - Yuliia Novytska (Faculty of Engineering and Transport)

“Miss Smile VNTU 2017” - Anastasiia Bazyk (Faculty of Building, Heat Power Engineering and Gas Supply).

And after all the faery performance of beauty it was the AfterParty at the nightclub Skyroom.


Photo Gallery Miss VNTU 2017