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Company Uber will discuss the prospects of co-operation with Vinnytsia National Technical University at the round table discussion on the development of the startup movement in Ukraine, which will take place at the University on September 11


On August 29, Deputy Mayor of Vinnytsia Vladyslav Skalskyi visited Vinnytsia National Technical University to get acquainted with Vinnytsia Startup school “Sikorsky Challenge”.


Thus he became the first to test the Uber application in our city and call a taxi to the administrative building of the City Council.


“The cities, where Uber operates, are selected by population, the number of downloaded applications and the number of willing carriers to work with Uber. The payment for trips will be by cash and cash transfer. Money is withdrawn from a bank card attached to the application after the trip. An important feature of the service is that the user can estimate the cost of a trip before it starts,” says Vladyslav Skalskyi.


This service was founded as a Startup in the United States, and later became the international company that has been expanding its geography, and has already covered more than two hundred cities around the world.


Uber company was founded in 2009, and currently serves 570 cities in the world. At the end of June 2015 Uber began working in Ukraine, which has become the  68th country, where  an American application for calling a taxi works.


Having arrived at the university the guests from Uber met with the university leadership, the organizers of the Startup School and the profile specialists of the faculties ITCI and CSA.


First Pro-Rector Oleksandr Romaniuk told about the university potential and achievements, deans Oleksii Azarov and Oleh Bisikalo briefly describe student achievements in the implementation of student startup projects, their victories in various competitions and the Startup school in general.


Head of Vinnytsia Startup school “Sikorsky Challenge” Kostiantyn Koval told about the last year experience of the school and emphasized the ideology – opportunities for partner companies to put practical tasks for start-ups.


Uber Production and Logistics Manager Artem Panchenko told about the company's development and the plans of the company in Ukraine.