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September 18, Vinnytsia National Technical University re-start the Chinese language courses. As it was last year, volunteers – native speakers will teach Chinese. Not only teachers and students of VNTU are invited but also all those in Vinnytsia who are interested in Chinese

Four Chinese language teachers have already arrived to Vinnytsia from China.


The Government of the People’s Republic of China seleced these teachers, volunteers with higher philological education. The training is under the “New Chinese Practical Course” officially recommended by the Department of the People’s Republic of China to promote the Chinese language abroad. Courses are focused on the program for preparing to the certified exam in Chinese for foreigners. Students can both get general knowledge and master the basic elements of the Chinese language, and achieve a comprehensive level of linguistic competence.

Most of the volunteer-teachers are English-speaking, so learning the basics of Chinese you can also improve your English.


The beginning of a new academic year is on September 18, 2017. Classes will be under two curriculums: intensive and reduced. The intensive curriculum provides three 2-hour lessons a week, the reduced curriculum provides one 2-hour lesson per week.


It is planned to create six new groups of intensive training and three new groups of reduced training. There will be 12-15 students in a group.

Tuition fee: the intensive course is 60 UAH per month, the reduced one is 20 UAH per month.


Classes will be held at the Chinese Language Center of VNTU.


Applications and questions can be sent to the email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Contact telephone: 0432 598-498