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“An innovative business club will be created in Vinnytsia,” said Ihor Peer, an international IT business expert, founder and CEO of Open Innovation Incubator Be Next IT (Israel) at the opening ceremony of the Days of Innovation at the Startup School Sikorsky Challenge in Vinnytsia


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Sikorsky Challenge Innovation Ecosystem, a co-founded of which is Ihor Peer, will hold regional Days of Innovation in Vinnytsia, Dnipro, Mariupol, Kharkiv and Kyiv.


Ukraine's first Startup School Sikorsky Challenge was created three years ago at National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute named after Ihor Sikorsky”.


Vinnytsia Startup School Sikorsky Challenge, which operates at Vinnytsia National Technical University, is the second one.


Last academic year, 70 of its students successfully completed training at VNTU under the tutelage of business coach Ihor Peer. They not only develop their innovative ideas but also investigated the potential market. Among 11 projects presented at the finish, those that were fully prepared products received the first financial support. “There are millions of young talented engineers with creative ideas in Ukraine. This knowledge should be transformed into business,” says Ihor Peer. “We want to create an innovation business club in Vinnytsia, which will unite people who want to develop and support such startups, support those projects that we can create here through our methodology.”


Inspirer and author of the idea of creating a Startup School in Vinnytsia, Chief Executive Officer of Transfotech David Arie says, “This project is not a business one, it is a social project. It must teach talented young people to be entrepreneurial and think in a modern, high-tech way.”


Not only students of VNTU but also anyone who has a valuable idea and seeks to turn it into a successful business may be a listener of Startup School Sikorsky Challenge. The Startup School works with the support of Vinnytsia Regional State administration, Vinnytsia City Council, as well as the leading technology companies in the region.


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