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In October a lightweight tactical vehicle designed at Vinnytsia National Technical University debuted at the International Exhibition Center in Kyiv, where the XIV International Specialized Exhibition “Weapons and Safety – 2017” was held



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A light tactical vehicle, LTV, was designed by scientists and students of VNTU in cooperation with experts of the company “Techimpex” on the order of one of the power structures of Ukraine. The work was carried out by scientists working in the educational and scientific center of development and maintenance of technical support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the head of which is Candidate of technical sciences, Associate Professor Leonid Koval.


Scientific supervisor and chief designer from the university, Candidate of technical sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Industrial Engineering of VNTU Andrii Slabkyi says,


“There are practically no vehicles of such kind in Ukraine. We created a LTV on the basis of volunteer vehicles “Pegasus” and “Pegasus-2”, which were designed and manufactured by Yurii Berko. These vehicles have already served in the intelligence and special forces in the ATO. In our vehicle we have combined the vast experience of Yurii Berko, a professional racing driver and designer, with the technical knowledge of our scientists and the enthusiasm of our students.


During the development of the vehicle we consulted with veterans of the ATO and military men of the special forces. The main difficulty is the lack of practice of producing such vehicles by industry and, therefore, there are no regulatory documents.


One of the big problems was a very short deadline for the task. We worked after classes, on weekends, sometimes for 14 hours a day. And those who assembled the vehicle worked by 3 am to meet the deadline. Thanks to Yurii Berko and the titanic work of the entire team we managed to tackle the problem in time and create the LTV just in 6 months.


Candidates of technical sciences, Associate Professors of VNTU Oleksandr Manzhilievskyi and Oleksandr Polishchuk worked in the team.


VNTU students, the most active of which are Mykola Burdeinyi, Vitalii Kudrash and Serhii Skalskyi, also worked under the design bureau of the Department of Industrial Engineering.


It is worth noting that the whole machine was carried out at the university on the basis of the training and production complex “Module”.


LTV is actually a buggy that has a wide range of uses. It can be used for intelligence, reconnaissance, special operations, fire support of troops, logistics, evacuation of the wounded, fire correction, patrolling, as a command post car.


The vehicle is equipped with a light body and has a total weight of 1270 kg. The machine is equipped with 2.0-liter turbodiesel with a capacity of 240 hp and can reach speed up to 130 km/h. It is equipped with rear driven wheels. LTV can overcome the ups and downhill slope of 45 degrees for 570 km.


It is impossible to create a universal vehicle that would meet the needs of all types of troops. Now the main task of a military vehicle is maneuverability and speed; the faster you go, the more difficult it is to aim at you. The absence of a thick armor can be explained quite simply. For example, no one puts armor on the fighters. They just move quickly and they are hard to aim at. The main task is to react quickly to the situation and not to be noticed by the enemy as long as it possible. They are such requirements that our vehicle meets. Maximum maneuverability and minimum weight are the main characteristics of the LTV created at VNTU.


To create something Ukrainian, better than foreign analogues is very pleasant. Now our design student bureau is developing, I think we will have more than one project! We are already working on new models. Now other military structures are interested in modifying this vehicle according to their.”