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The Department of Physical Education of Vinnytsia National Technical University has celebrated its half-century anniversary


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People, thanks to whom the Department had been created, who multiplied and nurtured its glory, and whose part of life it is, came to congratulate it with its golden jubilee.


Rector of VNTU, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Volodymyr Hrabko highlighted in his congratulatory speech,


“There are a great number of candidates for masters of sports and masters of sports at the Department of Physical Education of Vinnytsia National Technical University. While I was a student, Rector of that time Kuzmin said, “We do not need sick engineers!” And the Department of Physical Education did its best to ensure that the Vinnytsia Polytechnic University trained not only skilled but also physically active engineers. Valentyna Sokorynska is present here. When I entered Vinnytsia Polytechnic University 40 years ago, she was my teacher. I am very grateful to her! The other day our University will receive a certificate for the use of a sport-shooting gallery. This is very important because now we have a specialization “Designing small arms.”


The Head of VNTU presented awards to current and former students and teachers of the University who have been actively involved in increasing the university's sports glory.


Attendants remembered those who have already gone to eternity but whose contribution to the formation of the Department is invaluable with a minute of silence. Former head of the Department Yaroslav Kulyk, whose name now holds the university stadium, made the biggest contribution to its formation.


Head of Vinnytsia Regional Committee for Physical Education and Sport of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine Hennadii Bocharov, Chairman of the Committee on Physical Culture and Sports of Vinnytsia City Council, Honored coach of Ukraine on boxing and universal martial art Serhii Kraievskyi, Representative of the Department of Physical Culture and Sports of Vinnytsia Regional State Administration Nataliia Koniukova, Deputy Head of the regional Department of the NOC of Ukraine in Vinnytsia region, master on diving Tetiana Shmal, Vice President of the public organization “Vinnytsia Regional Association of Veterans of Sports and Trainers “XXI Century” Heorgii Samkov, Director of Vinnytsia Regional Center for Physical Health of the Population “Sport for Everybody” Vitalii Kopach, and Head of Vinnytsia public sports organization “Regional Football Federation” Ihor Hataulin came to congratulate the culprits of the celebrations as well.


There were a lot of awards and gifts, a lot of memories, amenities and warm touching words sounded that day. Two video films about the Department and sports at VNTU — about its magnificent history and the glorious present were specially created to the celebration.


And now its future is being created by students with their victories under the tutelage of talented teachers.



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