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Dean of the Faculty of Computer Systems and Automation of VNTU, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Oleh Bisikalo and Candidate of technical sciences, senior lecturer of the Department of Automation and Information Measuring Devices Volodymyr Harmash participated in the regular working meeting of the MASTIS project of the Erasmus + programme of the EU in Kristiansand (Norway)


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The team of project partners was hosted by the Department of Information Systems University of Agder.


Representatives of six Ukrainian universities had a great opportunity to make sure that the current demand for modern information technology training for all sectors of the real economy and the prospects for the implementation of relevant educational programs in Ukraine have been evident.


Participants of the meeting attended the planned workshops of the MASTIS project on “University of Agder and its curriculum on information systems”, “Life Long Learning (LLL) programme and examples of master's courses in information systems”, “The use of digital means in education”, “Implementation of the new LMS system – experience from Canvas”, “Master's curriculum in information systems and pedagogical approach” lectured by leading European experts.


The program of the working meeting of the MASTIS project included 4 reports by Professor Oleh Bisikalo.


The first of them dealt with the development of the course “IT infrastructure”, the responsible partner of which is VNTU. The curriculum of the course was presented and discussed. After a series of questions, to which Professor Oleh Bisikalo gave exhaustive answers, the curriculum was approved by the participants of the working meeting of the project.


Professor Oleh Bisikalo's second report was devoted to the description and development of training materials as well as the main criteria and methods of evaluation, including multidisciplinary ones for each course. During the discussion of the presentation, which was held in an interesting and relaxed atmosphere, a constructive discussion emerged regarding a single format for the submission of the syllabus of master's training.


In addition, Professor Oleh Bisikalo presented the plan and the actual state of main courses at our university as well as the proposals of VNTU regarding the requirements for a Web-platform for the exchange of educational materials. It was noted that it is proposed to create a portal as a platform for lecturers’ cooperation: placement of educational materials, exchange of experience, discussion of general topics, etc. After the discussion and a series of questions the concept of the Web-platform was accepted for use by project participants.


At the working meeting Senior lecturer Volodymyr Harmash reported on the purchase and installation of equipment received at the expense of international technical assistance in the framework of the project and also on the results of the coverage of the MASTIS project in the media as well as on the implementation of the project results. The report was presented with the plan of measures to display the MASTIS project activities in the media and to implement its results in the fifth period – “Plan of dissemination activities for the 5th period”. As a result of the discussion, the proposed report and plan of activities were approved by the participants of the working meeting.


At the final meeting, the participants of the working meeting of the MASTIS project discussed the directions for further work to improve the master's curriculum in the field of information systems in accordance with the needs of modern society; the ways and means of universities to get closer to changes in the world labor market and educational space; methods for providing students with a presentation on the profiles of different jobs in the field of information systems in order to promote their future employability.



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