Прес-центр ВНТУ 18.08.2019, 00:29


Dear employees and students of the University!

Wish you my sincere congratulations on New Year and Christmas!

New Year holidays are a time of joyful and amazing changes when we sum up, evaluate our results, outline our plans for the future.

Last year was not easy for our staff.

But it's nice to note that with our joint efforts we strongly supported the good image of the University, and our achievements oblige each of us to multiply the work done, to achieve better results.

Thank you sincerely for your diligence, responsibility, high culture and unique intellectual potential, for your work in the name of prosperity of our University!

The year 2018 should be a period of further development, growth and conquest of new tops.

I am convinced that with joint efforts this goal will be achieved.

I wish you good and harmony, happiness and successful implementation of all your plans!

Let only bright and joyful events occur in every house, in every family, and the most cherished dreams and desires are realized!

Let the New Year will be generous for you on interesting plans and creative successes, bring the taste of new victories, scientific insight, confidence in the chosen goal and energy to achieve it!

I sincerely wish you to be healthy, wealthy and prosperous!


Rector V.V. Hrabko