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Head of the Department of Ecology and Environmental Safety of VNTU, candidate of technical sciences, Associate Professor Vitalii Ishchenko was taking internship at the Technical University of Vienna (Austria), at the Institute of Water Quality and Resource and Waste Management for three months (November – January)



The internship was fully funded by the Austrian Agency for international cooperation in education and science. Vienna University of technology is one of the most popular in Austria. It has a lot of buildings, some of which are located in ancient buildings (University is more than  200 years old) and some of which are located in modern buildings. More than 30 thousand students study at the University.


The main activity of Vitalii Ishchenko was devoted to the research of migration of heavy metals in the thickness of the waste. Reactors that simulate dumps designed to reproduce the conditions typical to landfills for household wastes were used. The scientist carried out measurements on an atomic emission spectrometer as well.


Vitalii Ishchenko attended several scientific seminars, one of which presented VNTU as well as research activities of the Department of Ecology and Environmental Safety.


In Vienna Associate Professor Ishchenko studied in detail the experience of waste management in Austria, which is one of the world leaders in this field. To get acquainted with the waste recycling system Vitalii Ishchenko visited several enterprises:

- Enterprise for recycling vehicles and waste of electrical and electronic equipment;

-2 incinerators;

- PET bottle recycling plant.


In general Austria, the population of which is 5 times less than in Ukraine, has more than 2000 recycling plants. It is also worth noting that the country does not use disposable plastic bags at all, instead of them they use paper bags in supermarkets.


Associate Professor Ishchenko got acquainted with the University campus and the educational process of Vienna Technical University.


Vitalii Ishchenko managed to visit many other interesting places, in particular, “passive” houses located in Vienna. These are buildings that are extremely energy efficient (use very few resources and energy), economical and have a minimal impact on the environment.


One of these houses is the building of Vienna Technical University, which has extremely efficient insulation, window frames with special glass, effective ventilation with the recovery of warm air, and the southern facade consisting entirely of solar panels.


The capital of Austria has a very close connection with Ukraine. It was here where the first president of Ukraine Mykhailo Hrushevskyi, literary figures Ivan Franko and Lesia Ukrainka, pioneer of X-rays Ivan Puliui, and founder of the first Viennese coffeehouse and “father” of Viennese coffee Yurii-Franz Kulchytskyi lived and worked. In addition, in the 17th century Ukrainian Cossacks of the Polish Army participated in the liberation from the siege of Vienna by Turkish troops. To commemorate the memory of this event there is a monument on the outskirts of Vienna.


In general, the internship was very useful and informative and its results will be used in the scientific work and educational process of the Department of Ecology and Environmental Safety.


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