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In 2017, VNTU students won 160 victories at international contests on computer graphics and web design. Fourty-two of them were in foreign countries. The achievement was solemnly registered in the “Guinness Book of Ukraine” on February 15


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The record of Ukraine was recorded in the category “Education, unique and intellectual achievements of the Ukrainians”.


“VNTU received a diploma that confirmed its uniqueness. “Guinness Book of Ukraine” is very careful about the achievements that it captures. I really was impressed what I learned about VNTU. Ukraine has such a smart future! Our state is doomed to be successful! We lack only the unity,” said the Head of the editorial board of the National project “Guinness Book of Ukraine”, member of the National Paralympic Team of Ukraine in swimming, world record holder Oleh Ivanenko at the meeting.


Last summer, Oleh Ivanenko set a record, he overcame 228 km of the Ironman Triathlon per 35 hours without sleeping.


“If Ivanenko manages to reach the desired in such a condition, then you will surely succeed.There are no inaccessible goals!” Mr. Ivanenko says he makes records for people so that they do not lose faith in themselves. He, along with like-minded people, creates “Guinness Book of Ukraine” to make millions of people know about the outstanding and unique in our country.


In general, students of the Studio of computer graphics and Web design of VNTU headed by the first vice-rector of VNTU Professor Oleksandr Romaniuk have more than a thousand victories over the course of all years. And they have got thousands of works. At the celebration only several of them were demonstrated. Among them the works by Kseniia Morhunova, who won the competition at Corel (Canada), and by Oleh Dosuzhyi, who won first prize at Computer Space (Bulgaria).



The victories of other students of VNTU at international competitions in the United Arab Emirates, Taiwan, Finland, Spain, the Netherlands, Portugal, Malta, Austria, Bulgaria, the United Kingdom, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Andorra, Estonia, Croatia, Switzerland, Italy were important as well.


Rector of VNTU Volodymyr Hrabko said, “The aim is to ensure that these victories have helped our students to find employment and have a decent salary. The University will continue to grow up talents.”


Deputy Director of the Department of Education and Science of the Vinnytsia regional State administration Valerii Bachynskii said, “It is nice that the Administration has a close cooperation with VNTU. We have recently completed preparing documents concerning the creation of a new educational institution —Podilskyi scientific-technical Lyceum of VNTU. Therefore, we can be sure that the technical university will have more such international victories.”


Oleksandr Sukhomovskyi, Director of school-lyceum № 7 of Vinnytsia said, “There are a lot of former students of our Lyceum among the students-winners. But the current lyceum students also study in the Studio of computer graphics and Web design of VNTU, win in competitions. Some of them even now, while still lyceum students, earn well.


Head of the National project “Guinness Book of Ukraine” Oleh Ivanenko handed a diploma that certifies the introduction of VNTU to “Guinness Book of Ukraine” to Rector of VNTU Volodymyr Hrabko.


Students-winners received certificates confirming that they are participants in the record of Ukraine.


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