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Fourth-year student of the Faculty of Information Technology and Computer Engineering of VNTU Ivan Vorobiov has recently returned from Austria, where he participated in the BEST educational course.

BEST (Board of European Students of Technology) is the Council of Students of Technical Universities in Europe. It is a youth non-profit and non-political international organization involving 33 countries and is growing rapidly. BEST educational courses are held every year at 95 universities of Europe, which have BEST local centers including VNTU.


This year Ivan Vorobiov has decided to take the opportunity to attend an educational course from BEST for the second time, and this time he has taken part not only as a participant but also as a co-organizer.


The educational course in Graz lasted from January 30 to February 16.

BEST in Vinnytsia holds a similar educational course once a year, in a different topic each year. Every year the quality of the organization and the degree of satisfaction of our foreign guests grows.


The partner of Ivan Vorobiov was a student from Lviv Polytechnic Ilona Kopytynska.


The road to Graz is through Krakow and Vienna, so Ivan Vorobiov decided to visit these cities.

Vienna is the capital of music, the birthplace of artists, the city of coffee, tranquility and progressiveness. There is a bust of Ivan Franko and the Ukrainian parish commune near it. By the way, the tradition of Viennese coffee was initiated by Ukrainian Yurii Kulchytskyi, who is honored by the Austrians and in his honor they established a monument and named the street.


BEST in Graz operates on the basis of Graz Technical University.
The first half of the course was held in the suburb of Graz near the Alps. Entertainment were combined with the hard work of a co-organizer. The highlight of the Austrian evening was the high-quality and atmospheric organizers of the course.


The second half of the course was held at Technical University of Graz. The feature of the academic part was as follows: the participants were divided into specialists in the chemical industry, programming and design. The organizers invited Ivan Vorobiov to hold a lecture in the basics of programming comparing programming languages ​​and justifying the choice of languages ​​that are best suited for the functioning of such kind of technical devices. “It's nice to feel when you can transfer the knowledge gained at the University to European students,” says Ivan Vorobiov.


The organizers arranged a meeting in the city council with its representatives and deputies who talked about Graz, the prospects for the city development and discussed with the participants of the course educational opportunities. Graz is the second largest city in Austria, less than Vinnytsia but it really impresses: a multitude of manufactures, high-quality progressive universities, UNESCO support.


“I believe that student life should be diverse. BEST gave me a great opportunity to diversify the routine combining learning with leisure, opening a new look at ordinary things, expanding the physical and psychological framework. I advise everyone who wants to survive something the same or better do not be afraid to show their abilities and try to take part in one of the BEST courses,” says Ivan Vorobiov.

By the way, you can already see a list of summer courses and send your cover letter to: https://best.eu.org/courses/list.jsp