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More than 80 participants took part in the Google HashСode Olympiad, which was organized by the Department of Computer Sciences at VNTU



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The participants were not only students of the Department of Computer Sciences, the Faculty of Information Technology and Computer Engineering but also VNTU graduates. By the way, the graduate team, in which the post-graduate student Mykhailo Hranik competed, won.

HashCode is a team contest in programming organized by Google for students and industry professionals in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. https://hashcode.withgoogle.com/overview.html


Participants themselves form a team and choose a programming language. Google offers Google technology engineering problem to solve.

The task is the main “gem” of НashCode.

Yevhen Shemet, a lecturer of the Department of Computer Sciences of VNTU and its recent graduate, says:


“Google Hashcode is a Google Olympiad, it's not a sports programming but engineering. They offer to solve applied tasks. For example, two years ago there was a task to develop a system for managing mass delivery of goods by drones between stock lots, stores and buyers. Last year, it was necessary to properly upload a video on the server.


This year it has been necessary to calculate the way for cars that move on their own. The tasks are abstract, there are no details there. They are optimization problems, they do not have the right answers. Google is interested in seeing the approaches used by students. Our teams have performed quite well this year. The  tasks were not as complicated as they were previous years. Therefore, the teams placed very closely in the top tournament table — there was a very small difference in scores. By the way, the first place of our team just 5 percent lagged behind the scores from the first place in the world. But it has already been the 200th place in the world.”


In general, 10,000 teams participated in the Google Hashcode Olympiad.

One task proposed by Google was being solved online around the world for 4 hours.

“By the way, our team of graduates also was represented at these competitions, where my wife Tania, a graduate of the Department of Computer Sciences, also played. The third teammate was Pavlo Druziak. He is also a graduate of the Department of Computer Sciences and is currently a very successful programmer.”


Sponsors of the joint programming competitions among students and professionals of Vinnytsia were companies MemCrab and Apex.Rest and the IT-Bania community as well. They promise interesting prizes to the winners.

Organizers — Head of the Department of Computer Sciences, Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor Andrii Yarovyi as well as lectures of the Department Volodymyr Mesiura, Ihor Arseniuk and Yevhen Shemet are planning to organize rewarding ceremony of the winners later.



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