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Traditional contest “Miss of Vinnytsia National Technical University” was held in the city palace of arts “Zoria” (“Dawn”) on March 15


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This is the first time when a favourite university contest has changed the location, it was not held in the assembly hall of VNTU but in the “Zoria”. So, the audience audience was both larger and more diverse.


The list of sponsors was also wider and actually the patrons themselves were more generous — Bombatur, “Children's Planet”, restaurant “Europa”, Home Sweets, L'ambre, creative space Artynov, Skyroom, Kolibri, Monocle, “Vinnytsia Poster”, Planet fitness, Simonenko , “Maximus”, PrivatBank, Diadema, VNTU trade union and students’ self-government of VNTU.


Eight students of Vinnytsia National Technical University, one from each faculty, will take part in the bright and emotional competitions of young beauties.


№1 — Mariia Koliadych — Faculty of Computer Systems and Automation.

№ 2 — Alina Dushko — Faculty of Information Technology and Computer Engineering.

№3 — Anna Kulmatytska — Faculty of Electric Power Engineering and Electromechanics.

№4 — Alina Melnyk — Faculty of Infocommunications, Radioelectronics and Nanosystems.

№5 — Anastasiia Hrishchenko — Faculty of Civil Engineering, Thermal Power Engineering and Gas Supply.

№6 — Yelyizaveta Matiukhina — Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Transport.

№7 — Natalia Borivska — Faculty of Management and Information Security.

№8 — Olha Ilina — Institute of  Environmental Safety and Environmental Monitoring.


The show managed to be enchanting and ... unpredictable! Defile, videotape, intellectual and creative contests. Emotionality and improvisation were added by creative and favorite teacher of VNTU, professional philosopher, Director of the Main Center for Educational Work Anatolii Tekliuk.


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The title “Miss Friendship” was presented to Alina Melnyk by the contestants themselves.

Anna Kulmatytska received “Miss Audience Sympathies”.

The jury gave two titles “Vice Miss VNTU 2018” to Olha Ilina and Alina Melnyk.


“Miss VNTU 2018” has become Natalia Borivska.



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