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Oleksandr Vdovychenko, an assistant of the Department of Cars and Transport Management of Vinnytsia National Technical University, has collected a unique collection of car models. Now his collection is a base of the museum of vehicle models opened at Soborna Street


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Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

Instead of a trivial red tape it was used a klaxon. Before the opening of the museum, the record of Ukraine was recorded — there are 5037 model cars in the exposition.


“This is a unique museum of vehicle models in Ukraine. As far as I know, there is not such a museum throughout Europe. My collection began in 1973 when I was in the second year of school and bought the first collection car “Fiat 125” of Donetsk Toy Factory. This is not just a museum but also the museum-club of Vinnytsia collectors, which has been recently created. Members of the club provided their most valuable models to the museum. There will also be a unique library with over 3000 copies of books and magazines. We created a special class where we will conduct training with children and students,” said Oleksandr Vdovychenko, the owner of the collection, the director of Vinnytsia Museum of vehicle models.


Vinnytsia Museum of vehicle models will undoubtedly attract visitors to Vinnytsia. Besides, it will serve as a wonderful professional orientation popularizing the demanded specialty “Cars and Automobile Economy”, which is taught at Vinnytsia National Technical University.




Soon the first congress of collectors of vehicle models in Ukraine is going to be held in the museum.


In addition to cars, there are models of rail and public transport, fire trucks, motorcycles, military equipment, airplanes.


The Museum of vehicle models is open to visitors every day from 12 to 9 pm.


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