Прес-центр ВНТУ 18.08.2019, 00:33


New promising educational offers are created at Vinnytsia National Technical University (VNTU) due to the active participation of the staff of the Faculty of Computer Systems and Automation (FCSA) in the project MASTIS (Establishing Modern Master-level Studies in Information Systems) according to the European program ERASMUS+

The peculiarity of the experimental master's degree curriculum created at the faculty is its full compliance with modern European standards for information systems that really provide mobility of students in accordance with the purpose of the European Union program ERASMUS+ and the MASTIS project. In particular, the master's degree curriculum includes the following 5-credit courses:

  • Information System Development and Deployment;
  • Information Technology Infrastructure;
  • Enterprise Architecture Management;
  • MIS and Data Warehousing;
  • Information System Security;
  • Innovations and Entrepreneurship;
  • Information System Strategy;
  • Management of Information System Projects.

An important difference of the experimental curriculum is the parallel teaching of all courses in English and Ukrainian. Master's degree students will receive all the training materials in two languages but the language at exams, tests and other monitoring activities will be optional. In addition, one of the important current tasks of the MASTIS project is the piloting of the mentioned courses not only for masters but also for the Long Life Learning (LLL) listeners, in fact, for all comers.

Consequently, participation in the project according to the EU ERASMUS+ program has become an effective incentive for the FCSA staff to increase the level of English. For this purpose, the English language courses have started at the faculty on the basis of the MASTIS project plan. Since this large-scale training has been held at VNTU for the first time, several test sessions were conducted in a new laboratory of the Department of Computer Control Systems of the FCSA to determine the methods of conducting, format and tasks of the courses.

Liudmyla V. Tulchak, a leading specialist of the Department of Foreign Languages of VNTU was invited to teach English to the FCSA staff. The training sessions took place in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere with the use of modern technical training facilities. According to the initial plan, all participants should have prepared a lecture on their courses in English that are lectured to the attendees at the beginning of each lesson. Then, the participants discuss the lecture, ask and answer questions exclusively in English.

After discussing, a view of educational interactive video materials, the content of which is commented and explained by Liudmyla Tulchak, is conducted. A discussion of educational materials is also held with the help of the leading teacher.


The experience gained is interesting and useful for the participants of the English language courses. The analysis of the revealed shortcomings in the process of lecturing by the FCSA lecturers will determine the general curriculum of future classes and the individual trajectory to increase the level of English by each participant of the courses. The final result of future courses of the MASTIS project will be the correct teaching materials for each magistracy discipline and the persistent skills of teachers to support their piloting process. At least, all graduate departments of VNTU will be able to get useful experience in the formation of the training process in English.