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On May 25-27, the 25th International Olympiad Hard & Soft took place in Suceava (Romania), which VNTU students traditionally participated in



This Olympiad is interesting because it is a platform where students from different countries can try their hand at working on projects that closely combine the software and hardware.

Within a week, teams consisting of 4 people having all the necessary equipment and components on their hands create their own project in accordance with the terms of the organizers. Tasks are selected in such a way to capture the latest achievements of the electronic industry.


The project's defense is public and evaluated by according to lots of criteria: work in the laboratory, functional readiness of the project, presentation, quality of the documentation provided. It is clear that knowledge of English is also important in the defense.

VNTU was represented by a team of students from the Faculty of Information Technology and Computer Engineering consisting of Dmytro Kryvyi, Yevhenii Shcherbina, Maksym Mazur, Ihor Kiulian, and the coach of the team – Mykola Pradivliannyi.


This year's task was to develop a meteorological station that can record all weather parameters in real time, work with communication devices, a smartphone, data being automatically processed and stored on a particular Web site.

All necessary components, sensors, gauges, LСМ-module and other details are given by the organizers, the use of the own parts is penalized.


The feature of this year's task was to measure airflows (speed and direction) without the use of moving parts.

Our students worthily performed at the Olympiad. The fifth place in the overall score was unexpected because only our team met all the requirements of the competition, and measured wind speed and direction by two methods.