Прес-центр ВНТУ 18.08.2019, 00:35


Kaggle, the world-famous platform for competitions in artificial intelligence, system analysis and predictive modeling (AI, Machine Learning, Data Science, Data Mining, etc.), has completed its regular Kaggle technology training competitions.
The prize fund of some competitions reaches $1.5 million.

The team of system analysts from VNTU “SAIT VNTU” (students Ivan Klishyn, Karina Ruzhytska, Nataliia Tkachuk and postgraduate students Mykhailo Dratovanyi, Serhii Dovhopoliuk in specialty 124 “System Analysis” under the leadership of Head of the Department of System Analysis, Computer Monitoring and Engineering Graphics, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Vitalii Mokin) has debuted in this year's “New York City Taxi Fare Prediction”.


Methodological support was provided by specialists of the well-known Vinnytsia IT- company “Nestlogic”, which deals with tasks in the field of artificial intelligence (AI).

The competitors ( https://www.kaggle.com/c/new-york-city-taxi-fare-prediction) were given a training set of data — the date, time and GPS coordinates, the number of passengers and the cost of traveling in a yellow taxi of New York for 2009-2015 (55 million lines of data – csv file of 5.5 GB).


The training set of data had also false data that should be found and filtered.
There were recommendations how to solve the problem, in particular, using methods of XG-boosting and the programming language Python. This, in fact, is a universal advice for all Kaggle contests. And there was also a suggestion to pass at first 36 on-line courses specializing in Google Cloud, which are the organizers of the most Kaggle courses.


Almost fifteen hundred analysts and their teams from around the world participated in the competition.


In the nearest future, students of the specialties 124 and 126 will be lectured on these technologies. It is planned to form 3 teams under the leadership of the lecturers who teach basic special disciplines on 124 and 126 ( http://mmss.vntu.edu.ua/…/entrant-…/novi-distsiplini-kafedri).

IT-company “Nestlogic” is ready to provide prizes to the students-winners of Kaggle competitions from Vinnytsia.

Such an activity is an example of implementation of the concept of project training at the Department of System Analysis, Computer Monitoring and Engineering Graphics (http://mmss.vntu.edu.ua/index.php/ua/project-edu).