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Viktor Horeniuk is a pilot by specialty. He had been flying almost two decades and now Viktor Horeniuk teaches students of VNTU. The windmill in the national colors on the building of the Faculty of Power Engineering and Electromechanics is also his development


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Assistant Lecturer of the Department of renewable energy and vehicle electrical systems and complexes Viktor Horeniuk is now one of the leading specialists in the field of wind energy in Vinnytsa region. He has almost fifty scientific publications, more than 30 patents for inventions and a plenty of new engineering ideas.


At the university Viktor Horeniuk started as a senior researcher in the field of research and development of wind power plants adapted for use in areas of low wind power. He lectured to students, carred out laboratory works on renewable energy sources, helped bachelors, masters and postgraduate students in preparing to defend their diplomas.

And what about the idea of ​​creating such a thing as an electric bike?


In his youth Viktor Horeniuk dreamed of creating a velomobile. The first option was a tricycle velomobile. But it was not very successful. In 4 years Mr Horeniuk again returned to his development and made it on two wheels. Both the energy consumption and the running characteristics of the development are satisfied, however, they still need to be improved. The disadvantage is the high price of the battery  — about 6 thousand hryvnias.


Viktor Horeniuk has already traveled about 1000 km on his amazing vehicle created out of  details of an aircraft AN-2, a helicopter Mi-2, a bicycle, and an electric scooter. But perfection has no limits! Now Mr Horeniuk wants to do the recharging from the sun. In front of the vehicle there is a small fair, Mr Horeniuk plans to make it bigger because aerodynamics greatly affects the energy consumption. “If I make it more streamlined, then the electric bike can go longer. The weight of the electric bike is 55 kg. I can not take it into the apartment but to leave electric bike in the street is risky. But for bad weather conditions and rain I can not use the electric bike much. So, there is an idea of ​​making a booth to protect myself from weather and meteorological conditions. In order to use the electric bike in winter, additional bearing skis could be provided on the sides,” says Ukrainian “Kulibin”.


Students are greatly interested in developments of Assistant Lecturer of the Department of renewable energy and vehicle electrical systems and complexes, Head of the scientific and educational laboratory “Alternative sources of power” Viktor Horeniuk. One of the future engineers has made a bike with an electric wheel. Another studentwas engaged in the problem of power accumulation at the expense of motion. Student Dmytro Shalahai made a report at the Spring University Conference about this electric bike.

The windmill on the building of the Faculty of Power Engineering and Electromechanics that was installed 21 years ago now needs repearing. Some models of this windmill can be seen in the laboratory. Students perform laboratory work on them.


Viktor Horeniuk’s son, a military pilot, Colonel of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Yurii Horeniuk continues his father's profession. Now he is the Commander of  Boeing 737 of the airline “Ukraine International Airlines” (UIA) and performs flights to countries of Western Europe, Asia and the Middle East.


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