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Vinnytsia National Technical University has celebrated its 58th anniversary!


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The holiday started with a bike riding. Not only students and professors but also the Rector rode along the neighboring streets with the flag of VNTU.

The creative scientific and technical university decorated the main square with a symbolic arch of the VNTU.

The faculties organized an exhibition of their achievements ─ a hand-made fair and dishes of the world.


Director of the Main Center for Educational Work of VNTU, associate professor Anatolii Tekliuk thought out a dancing flash mob with the rector for the current holiday. So, the head of the University very organically joined the student dance band “Feliz Baile” (the leader of the ensemble is Oleh Filipov). And it was really cool!


After the dances, the Rector of the University presented the awards of the Ministry of  Education to the staff. So, the awards “For scientific achievements” were awarded to Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Vasyl Petruk and Dean of the Faculty of Management, Associate Professor Mykola Nebava. Ministerial commendations were also given to Heads of departments, Doctors of Technical Sciences, professors Andrii Yarovyi and Volodymyr Luzhetskyi, Head of the department of Ecology and Ecological safety, associate professor Vitalii Ishchenko. By the way, Vitalii Ishchenko has recently returned from Vienna, where he had a long-term internship, and now he has again won a new grant for internship abroad.


One of the key events of the holiday was a competition to pull the rope between the faculty teams. The non-appeals requirement to the teams was to have at least one professor. In the uncompromising power struggle, the team of the Faculty of Computer Systems and Automation convincingly won. In the team there were two doctors of technical sciences, professors ─ Dean Oleh Bisikalo and Volodymyr Kucheruk and candidate of technical sciences, associate professor Oleksandr Vozniak.


There was one more beauty contest “Rapunzel of VNTU”. True Rapunzel had golden hair. At VNTU there are two Rapunzel now ─ brunette Lema Manasita, an Ecuadorian student from the Institute of  Environmental Safety and Environmental Monitoring, and blonde Valeriia Yevteieva, a sophomore from the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Thermal Power Engineering and Gas Supply.