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Accommodation for international students in VNTU

The university offers a block-type dormitory №3 for international students in which all the students enjoy their own shower rooms and lavatories in each section. Each floor comes equipped with two separate kitchen rooms. Each international student gets a place in the Dorm, and this is the responsibility of the University Center for International Relations.

There are normally two or three students staying in each room. Rooms for two and three persons are usually offered to bachelor students.




Rooms for two students are also usually shared by master students whereas post graduate students are offered single occupancy rooms.


The Dormitory is located within a walking distance to the main academic buildings. It usually takes a student from 5 to 15 minutes to get to any other university building. 

The University pays much attention to students’ safety. The Dormitory №3 is equipped with  CCTV camera video systems, which are installed on each floor, including the lobby and  the main entrance to the dormitory, which enables the guards to monitor visually both, from inside  and outside of the building to track those living in the Dorm 24/7.

More that, the university hires representatives of National Police to control and identity the behavior of visitors on weekends and national holidays. The students are issued passes which allow to get into the Dorm and they have to present them at the entrance. This helps prevent an unauthorized access to the Dorm. The building of the Dormitory has a fire alarm system. The administration of the University Center for International Relations together with the Dormitory administration is trying to maintain a bright and cheerful atmosphere for international students.

Police officers, law enforcement officials, migration officials as well as the representatives of other relevant security structures are welcome to hold regular information meetings with international students. Direct communication and immediate feedback allows to avoid different violations and help improve security level of students in the city of Vinnytsia.