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The Award "The Art lover" was given to the director of the student club of the Vinnytsia National Technical University Catherine Fedorenko


A Studio of Modern Dance "Dance Eden", which is created and managed for a long time by Kate, has celebrated its tenth anniversary with a grand concert. This enchanting emotional performance of plastics and movements visited an Examination Board, which included famous workers of culture of Ukraine.  After reading the creative output of the collective, venerable art people decided to take care of the present heroes of the day - take care in order to provide to the "Dans Eden" an honorary title "People's one".


Moreover, the team recently won the nationwide television festival "Lviv fortune." And currently is being prepared for new achievements in other competitions of dance.


Therefore, to the three national groups, which has the university, has joined the fourth - "Dance Eden", which repertoire has an impressive scale - choreographic compositions based on different styles of contemporary dance.


Such diverse and vibrant theatrical life, like in the VNTU, has no other institution of higher education in the region. This claim both professionals and students themselves.


Now in the club at the VNTU act satisfying the interests for leisure time of the youth, 8 groups:


A folk pop song ensemble  "Septima" (director - Anna Okrema);

A folk and ballroom dance ensemble "Feliz Bayle" (Oleg Filippov);

A folk ensemble "Oberig" (Sergey Zhuravlev);

A studio of contemporary dance «Dance Edem» (Mrs. Fedorenko);

A vocal-instrumental ensemble "Lewd whistles" (Antonina Kirpichnikova);

A pop dance ensemble "Fly Dance" (Victoria Abidova);

A class of Guitar playing (Eugene Timchenko);

A team of CJS (club of joyful and smart) at the VNTU "Engineers" (Alexander Nebava).


Kate has managed to unite in a university club highly-professional enthusiasts, who are able to support, improve stage talents of students. Teams of the VNTU actively participate in numerous festivals and competitions - regional, national, where they  take the first places and get the Grand Prix. In the studio club, one wall is full of diplomas of vocalists, another one is wholly devoted to achievements of choreographers.


These organizational skills of Kate Fedorenko, active participation in the artistic life of the city - and personal one, and with university students, as well as the anniversary of "Dance of Eden" were so highly appreciated — with the medal "The Art lover."  Incidentally, such an award at the university does not have anyone.


Kate still repeatedly receives gratitudes for the hard work and creative achievements at the university. Not long ago she was awarded with the Honorary Diploma of the Trade Union Federation of the Vinnytsia region for personal contribution to the development of amateur art, revival and enhancement of national cultural heritage.


To calculate how many Kate has set dances, is impossible: "I even can't tell approximately how many.  Only at the university I have been working for 10 years already.  Finally, all of my life as I can remember, I dance. "


She graduated from the Kirovograd State Pedagogical University with a major of a "Choreographer. A teacher of ethics, aesthetics and artistic culture".  She has 14 years of experience in managing a dance team - while still a schoolgirl, she taught choreography at the Vinnytsia school number 31, where she also studied.


One observation is unquestionable — a glow in dancers during this time has not diminished. But the audience has changed. It happens that a luxurious concert hall is at the half audience ...


"Now the "Dans Eden" has 30 ladies-dancers and... 4 guys-dancers.  We really appreciate the work of gentlemen, and they feel luxuriously and comfortably in this group. We have a preparatory group and older one (it is the 4-5 courses). We have rehearsals three times a week for two hours. Even after graduating from the university, our dancers come to us to rehearsal, asking whether we could be training in the evening, so that  after work they could join us.  Sometimes they take part in our performances. This is for example, Olga Matveeva, Olga Dmitruk, Dima Yarovoy, Andrew Szulik ... "- says Kate.


And how is the dance born?

"When I listen to music, even occasionally hear somewhere,  I start having ideas how this music can be conveyed into the choreography.  I do not give preference to any style — I like  different music.  It depends on my mood, the season, the weather, on many other factors. "


To dance, you need to have a good mood. And what to do when there is no desire to dance?


"Begin to dance! And the mood will become good. It has been tested thousands of times and not only by me. A dance — is the most effective anti-depressant. And with no unwanted side effects. "Dance Eden" — is a Dance Paradise!  In heaven there is no bad mood! "