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On December 28, scientists of Vinnytsia National Technical University gave a high-tech New Year gift to the soldiers who defend Ukraine in ATO


UAV, an unmanned aerial vehicle, which consists of two aircrafts and a specially equipped car, is unique. The drone actually is a complete robot that does not require radio control and does not emit any radio signals. It works “silently”; therefore, at an altitude of 200-300 metres it is invisible and almost undetectable. It can work an hour at a distance of 15 kilometres, at the speed of wind up to 12 meters per second and the temperature of air to minus 20 degrees.


Military of the 59th motorized infantry brigade are grateful to “Nebesna Dolyna” (“Celestial Valley”) — an educational and scientific center of radio engineering systems, and devices of VNTU, where almost a year and half scientists selflessly worked on creation of this unmanned aircraft.


Leonid Koval, Head of “Nebesna Dolyna” (“Celestial Valley”), Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Biomedical Equipment of VNTU noted that Vinnytsia models are several times as cheap as foreign counterparts but are simpler in operation and maintenance.


The UAV should be tested at the site in Chernihiv region and then will defend Ukraine in ATO.


Photo report by Serhii Markov


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