Прес-центр ВНТУ 18.08.2019, 00:17


Oleksandr Vdovychenko, Assistant Professor of the Department of Automobiles and Transport Management of Vinnytsia National Technical University has collected a unique collection consisting of almost four thousand car models. All of them are in the international collection scale 1:43


This collection has been the Museum of car models ─ the only in Ukraine so far. It was opened in the center of Vinnytsia near the light-sound Fountain Roshen.


Collectible car models are exact copies of real cars. Externally they are like toys, however, they contain a lot of information about their prototypes.


Just this year Oleksandr Vdovychenko’s hobby is fourty years old. Finally, it has become a matter of life as he has been teaching students at his alma mater for 20 years.


Students always watch these car models with great enthusiasm and  willingly attend lessons of Vdovychenko.


The Museum of car models, no doubt, will not only attract guests of Vinnytsia but also serve as an excellent career guidance extraordinary popularizing a demanded specialty “Vehicles and Automobile Industry”, which is taught at Vinnytsia National Technical University.