Прес-центр ВНТУ 18.08.2019, 00:37


On February 27 at 14.00 “Career Day” starts in the assembly hall of the university

The event is great. There are several locations. Information is relevant both for those who are considering where to study and for those who are looking for the first in their lives but a cool job.

There will not boring long speeches. There will be quests with QR-codes and prizes, in which pupils, students and employers of Vinnytsia and Ukraine as well as lecturers will take part. There will be master classes, excursions and many other interesting things, which have not been disclosed yet.

Students will present the opportunities and benefits of studying at VNTU. They will answer the questions of future entrants.

The rector, the deans of the faculties, and lecturers will tell about the list of specialties (specializations), the cost of training, the opportunity to study at the Department of military training, the correspondence study, parallel study abroad under the program “Double Diploma”.