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It will happen just in 10 days after the global final of the previous ACM-ICPC season that will be held in Porto (Portugal). The winners will take part in the 2nd stage of the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad in programming, which will be 1/8 of the world championship, and will meet at the semifinal at VNTU this autumn

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In 2019, the World Student Championship on Programming will begin with the National All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad on Programming, the first stage of which will be held in Vinnytsia region on April 13 at Vinnytsia National Technical University (VNTU) and Vinnytsia State Pedagogical University named after M. Kotsiubynskyi (VSPU) in 10 days after the global final of the previous ACM-ICPC season, which will take place in Porto (Portugal).

The АСМ-ІСРС Championship on Programming (International Collegiate Programming Contest: http://cm.baylor.edu) is known as the Battle of the Brains (http://battleofthebrains.podbean.com/ ). It has been held since 1977 and is the most massive and most prestigious international student competition. In 2018, more than 55,000 students from about 3,100 universities from 111 countries participated in the semifinals of the 41st АСМ-ІСРС World Championship.

АСМ-ІСРС requires that students have not only highly professional programming skills (coding) but also can compile complex optimization algorithms in short-term and under stressful conditions of the competition that needs a great deal of mathematical knowledge. A team of 3 students is provided with only one computer that requires coordinated team work, without which a modern programmer can not practically be competitive due to modern software projects of large scales. For 5 hours, a team must write programs optimized by time and memory usage for the solution of 10-15 tasks. The winner must solve the maximum number of tasks for a minimum time.

The results of the world championship reflect the ability of the nation not only to use computer technology but also to contribute to their creation. The ability of the country to train teams that can compete for victory in the finals of the world championship testifies about the overall level of development of computer technology in the country and its potential in this field of human activity to the world IT-community.

Three times VNTU teams have participated in the world championship finals, where more than 100 teams are chosen from about 300,000 teams (about 900,000 students) starting at the national Olympiads. According to this rate, VNTU is among the top 40 universities in the world!

This year not only VNTU teams but also the teams from Donetsk National University, Vinnytsia Technical College, Vinnytsia College of the National University of Food Technologies, and Physics and Mathematics Gymnasium №17 as a part of school division of the Olympiad will compete at VNTU.

Recent years VNTU has exposed the largest number of teams in Ukraine at the first stage. For example, last year VNTU had 78 teams on its site!

Teams from Vinnytsia State Pedagogical University, Vinnytsia Finance and Economics University, Vinnytsia Trade and Economic Institute of KNTEU, Vinnytsia National Medical University named after Mykola Pyrogov, Vinnytsia National Agrarian University as well as school teams from Vinnytsia Technical Lyceum and from a number of schools of Vinnytsia region will also compete at VSPU.

Consequently, the fight for prize places promises to be very tense and interesting because only the best teams will enter the 2nd stage of this Olympiad, winners of which will meet again in the semifinal of the world championship at VNTU this autumn.

The final of the АСМ-ІСРС World Student Championship-2022 is scheduled to be held in Ukraine!

The Organizing Committee of the World Championship made its decision because of the following arguments:

- a high level of the semifinal of the World Championship in south-eastern Europe at VNTU;

- the first place of Ukraine in Europe by the number of participants in the АСМ-ІСРС national competition, which was initiated by VNTU in 2001;

- the second place of Ukraine in Europe by the total number of prize places in the world finals.

The world finals will be held in Ukraine only on condition that its Organizing Committee will receive the official confirmation of the support of the finals from state bodies, public and business structures of Ukraine. At the same time, the scale of the world finals stipulates its holding in Kyiv. The consent to hold it provides NTUU “I. Sikorsky Polytechnic University of the city of Kiev” together with VNTU.

We wish the participants of the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad on programming inspiration and victory!

We wish the organizers a good cooperative work with the state authorities and IT-community of Ukraine in supporting the holding of the finals of the АСМ-ІСРС World Student Championship-2022!

Volodymyr MESIURA, Coordinator of the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad on Programming,

Professor of the Department of Computer Sciences of VNTU,

Excellent Educator of Ukraine,

Director of the Semifinals of the АСМ-ІСРС World Student Championship on programming in the South-Eastern Europe;

Ihor ARSENIUK, Coordinator of the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad on programming in Vinnytsia region,

Associate Professor of the Department of Computer Sciences of VNTU,

Excellent Educator of Ukraine.