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On October 26, the XVI International Scientific and Technical Conference “Vibration in Engineering and Technologies” started at VNTU. This forum is dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Rostyslav Iskovych-Lototskyi


Rostyslav Iskovych-Lototskyi is the Head of the Department of mechanical engineering industry of Vinnytsia National Technical University. Fifty-two years of his life are dedicated to VNTU! Here he was a student, a postgraduate student, and a candidate of Technical Sciences. Now he is the Head of the scientific school “Theory of calculation and design of vibrating and vibrating-shocking processes and machines”, which trained 2 doctors and 15 candidates of Technical Sciences. He is the author of more than 200 scientific papers, patents, monographs and manuals.


Recently Professor of VNTU Leonid Polishchuk has defended his doctoral thesis at this scientific school.


AS IGP, Association of Specialists in Industrial Hydraulics and Pneumatics, awarded the scientist with the medal “For Merits” named after Tryfon Basta, the founder of the Ukrainian Scientific School of industrial hydraulics, at the plenary meeting of the Conference.


“The scientific school of Professor Iskovych-Lototskyi successfully works on the generation of new ideas and developments, education of new personnel for Ukraine. The specialized academic Council, the Chairman of which is  Rostyslav Iskovych-Lototskyi, effectively operates. This Conference is an excellent opportunity for young people to communicate with great scientists, gain knowledge that will be useful for their career,” said Vice-Rector for Scientific Research of VNTU, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Serhii Pavlov welcoming the participants of the Conference.


"Vinnytsia is considered to be the most comfortable city of Ukraine to live in. New industrial enterprises are actively emerging in Vinnytsia, therefore, students of the Department of mechanical engineering industry will be employed,” said Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Transport of VNTU, Professor Yurii Buriennikov.


Leading experts and industry scholars from all over Ukraine and the world participate in the Conference.


Doctor of Technical Sciences, Senior Researcher of the state enterprise “Experimental Design Technological Bureau of the Institute of Electric Welding named after Y.O. Paton” of the NAS of Ukraine, Chief Designer Volodymyr Liebiediev says, “in a month, the President of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine will also celebrate his 99th anniversary. For the anniversary of Borys Paton we are also organizing a conference where you are invited. Borys Paton wishes the scientific contacts of VNTU scientists and of the Institute of Electric Welding were more active. We can be helpful to each other!”


The greetings to the participants of the Conference were sent by Chairman of Vinnytsia City Council Serhii Morhunov.


The XVIth International Scientific and Technical Conference “Vibration in Engineering and Technologies” has been  organized for the first time at Vinnytsia National Technical University. The Conference started 25 years ago and traditionally takes place at another institution of higher education in Ukraine.